The Royal love

The Royal love  comes from the connections, from those fibers that are touched when you look at your beloved, from the quest of the night as a seduction space, is romantic but at the same time passional, elegant, mystic, a whole sensations game looking for sensitive spaces to live an unforgettable experience as a couple.

¿What is included?

Flowers bouquet in the room. 
 Decoration with rose petals and candles. 
Mixed cheese table y fruits.
A wine or champagne bottle.
Breakfast to the room.

Additional experience (Service with additional cost)

Spa session for couples.

Real love never stops experimenting, so for this occasion to become unforgettable we present you an additional experience, a Spa session with your partner in the room, where the power of the decoration of the place is combined with a truly massage. restorative that leads to relaxation, the balance of the body systems and the strengthening of the connections as a couple, to achieve a final feeling of total tranquility and balance.

* The plan may have variations to suit your taste, keep in mind that these changes may vary the rate.

Real Love, Colonial Suite room

Love Plan, Jr Suite Colonial room

Royal Love Plan, Contemporary Suite room

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