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Tips to be the best traveler - Hotel Cacique Real en Zipaquirá

How to be the best traveler is a very wide topic, however, we would like to share some tips that we’d love you to keep in mind for your next trip:

Get to know your destiny before you get there


A good planning is key to get the most of your stay, look for the places you’ll like to visit, get to know the means of transportation available to get there, study your destiny culture and traditions and make sure to always have a B plan, you’ll never know if, for some reason, the initial plan changes. 

Make sure to explore every corner

Do not hesitate about walking or taking public transportation to explore and find incredible places, visit the markets, monuments, participate in the cultural activities and traditional festivals. Don’t be afraid to share with the local people, usually the best memories are built with a good company. 

Stay in the perfect place for you

There is always a good hotel or accommodation tailored to your taste and budget, a perfect place to rest after a long day full of experiences. Don’t you hate when you have pay extra for breakfast and Wi-Fi? Make sure to find a place including all of these services! Get to know our hotel, including this and way much more: http://bit.ly/2rk5RHp )

Choose very well your souvenirs

Look for original and special products, handicrafts, locally designed pieces, objects you’ll never find in any other place, look for native things to give to your loved ones or probably to decorate your spaces.
Give yourself a chance to discover the local things and take something home, there’s always something a good option to have as a memory of your trip.

Focus your travel time in the attractions you like

Don’t just look for the most famous places, investigate, focus and dedicate more time to the attractions going more with your taste or the kind of tourism you like. 

Be a respectful and responsible traveler

Leave your mark in your step on each place, be generous, share your knowledge y preserve the ecosystems you visit, respect the local customs, preserve the patrimony for future generations be able to enjoy it.

Support the local commerce and discover the autochthonous

Look for the autochthonous products and where to buy them, during your visit go shopping to business like: restaurants, hotels, touristic activities and transportation, leave and contribute with your “grain of sand” to help the economy of the locals, no doubt it will be returned to you as great memories and experiences. 


Share your experience

Take pictures, create your own review and share it with friends in social media, without a doubt this will help others to live to the limit the trip just as you did.
These are some tips that Cacique Real Hotel wants to share to make of you the best traveler, however, if you have any other tip to add to our list, we’ll be delighted to receive it and share it.

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