Cacique Real

 We are one of the best hosts in Zipaquirá, we are characterized by our experience in the accommodation, tourism and comfort sector of the City of Salt, in addition to the fact that our house was designed since 1729 to serve as accommodation for Viceroys, influential and important characters of the eighteenth centuries until then, we are also Spanish royal heritage.

If you want to live unique experiences that combine the colonial style and the comfort of the contemporary, then you must stay with us, we will be happy to assist you, are you ready for a unique experience?   

Get inspired

Old travel suitcases and furniture, pictures, figures, flower pots full of life, among other objects, have been rescued to complement the colonial design of our infrastructure and give life to our common areas, letting us create inspiring places for our guest where they can enjoy breakfast, a nice cup of coffee, photograph, the reading of a good book or better yet, a good conversation. 

Photo taken from Casa de Museo Quevedo Zornoza

Imagen tomada de Casa Museo Quevedo Zornoza.


In Zipaquira’s historic center, an ancient indigenous enclosure of the “Cacique’s” land and close to the mountain that hides in its interior the magic of salt, there is an old colonial style mansion that houses the charm of the first colonial buildings, built in 1729. This mansion was adequate to serve as accommodation for viceroys and historical personalities during the XVIII- XX centuries, and declared as part of the Spanish royal heritage.

Cacique Real hotel architecture was designed along the with the Heritage Directorate of the Culture Ministry of Colombia, a peaceful place, cozy and central to rest and collect memorable travel experiences.

Sustainability statement

¡Cacique Real Hotel is compromised with sustainability! Hand in hand with the national ideal and international tourism looking for development, we satisfy nowadays needs without compromising the resources of future generations; we are compromised in managing a sociocultural balance, environmental and economic, that allow us to guarantee the best service orienting it to be sustainable in the long term.