Being a better traveler is a broad topic, however, we want to share some tips that are part of our travel blog:


Know your destination before you reach it.

Plan to make the most of your stay, look for the places you want to visit, know the means of transport available to get there, inquire about the culture and traditions of the destination and always have a plan B, you are not absolved from the fact that the trip takes a different direction.


experience every corner

Feel free to walk and take public transport to explore and find incredible places, visit the markets and monuments, participate in cultural activities and traditional festivals. Travel through the open destination to receive new learning and different points of view of life. everyday life.


Stay in a perfect place for you

There will always be a hotel or accommodation to suit your tastes and your budget, a perfect place to close with a flourish and rest after a day of intense experiences. Make sure that the place where you stay has a good location and preferably that it includes breakfast and WiFi in the rate.


Choose your Souvenirs very well

Look for original and special products, handicrafts, local design products, objects that you will not find anywhere else. Look for what is native to each place to give to your loved ones and to give to your conventional spaces. Give yourself the opportunity to discover what is local and take a souvenir home, it will always be an excellent option to have a travel souvenir.


Focus your travel time on the attractions you like

Don't just look for famous places, investigate, focus and dedicate more time to the attractions that go with your tastes or the type of tourism you like to do.



Be a responsible and respectful traveler

Leave a mark on your passage through each place, be generous, share your knowledge and preserve the ecosystems you visit, respect local customs, preserve heritage so that future generations can also enjoy them.


Support local commerce and discover the autochthonous.

Find out about indigenous products and the places where they are sold; On your days of visit, make purchases in these businesses such as: restaurants, hotels, tourist activities and transportation, leave your grain of sand to boost the economy of the residents, without a doubt they will return it to you with great experiences and memories.


Share your experience

Take pictures, create your own review and share it with your friends on social networks, without a doubt your experience will help others to live a trip to the fullest as you have done. These are some tips that we from the Cacique Real want to give you so that you become the best traveler, however, if you have another tip that we can add to our list, we would be happy to receive and share it. We leave you options.