These are the 5 places you must visit if you come to the City of Salt:

1. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Live a unique experience in The First Wonder of Colombia. You will go down 180 meters to discover an underground world of salt and innovation, the main tour lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and you can go in the company of your furry friend.



2. Community Square – Main Park

A few blocks from our hotel you will find the Plaza de los Comuneros, it receives its name from Plaza de los Comuneros for its history around the signing of the Capitulations. The Plaza is also home to the Diocesan Cathedral and the Municipal Palace. There you will be able to capture beautiful photos of Zipaquirá and enjoy the landscape that mixes the current era with the colonial one.


3. Martyrs Square

Here you can find the obelisk that bears the names of the six Zipaquirá martyrs, key figures in the history of Zipaquirá and the region. In addition, the statue of homage to the homeland. Very close you will find the municipal Transport Terminal.


4. Independence Park

This Palza commemorates the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia, it is very close to our hotel and you can enjoy the variety of cuisine and drinks offered by the commercial establishments located around the plaza, perfect for watching the sunset alone or with others. Also, you can go up to the viewpoint of La Concepción that is above the square to enjoy a panoramic view of Zipaquirá.


5. Guillermo Zornoza House Museum

This house-museum, which maintains its colonial style, preserves the experiences and belongings of the Quevedo Zornoza Family, one of the most cultured and influential in Zipaquirá a few years ago. It also keeps objects of the art of letters, poetry, music and painting that stood out in the family. You can take the guided tour to travel to another era.