If you visit Zipaquirá, located on the outskirts of Bogotá, famous for its impressive Salt Cathedral, the First Wonder of Colombia, which dazzles with its underground architecture and its salt rock monuments, without a doubt, an experience that must be lived at least once in the life.

And after exploring the depths of the Salt Cathedral, what could be better than finding refuge and rest in a place that encapsulates the essence of history and comfort? The Hotel Cacique Real, located in the heart of the colonial areas of Zipaquirá, presents itself as the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and charming retreat.


Colonial and comfortable room of the Hotel Cacique Real


Its atmosphere is surrounded by the colonial and cultural touch that characterizes Zipaquirá, the attention is first class and without a doubt the spaces are adequate to transport you to another era but without losing WIFI and contemporary comfort.

Room decorated for a romantic plan, find out more details here

If we still haven't finished convincing you, let us tell you that it is located in the Historic Center of Zipaquirá, it is a quiet and safe place, cultural and historical epicenter, and whose central location will allow you to move comfortably to its places of interest: Squares, parks , museums, monuments, churches, colonial buildings, commercial and craft shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and supermarkets.

Colonial Suite, ideal if you travel as a couple or alone, this room is the right one to be the planning center for your conquest of experiences in the Salt City.


We want to give you more reasons to choose the Hotel Cacique Real: They give you breakfast, you can choose among their many plans for special occasions, and as if that were not enough, they have an event room for you to celebrate that special date in a unique, safe and exclusive environment. from the city.


How about reading a good book accompanied by a delicious Zipaquireño coffee in this internal patio in the best colonial style? At the Hotel Cacique Real, without a doubt, you will travel to other times.

So now you know, the best accommodation in Zipaquirá is the Hotel Cacique Real, a magical place that brings together the best of two eras in the city.


Enjoy the corners of inspiration that the Hotel Cacique Real offers you.