Many travelers enjoy their visit to the salt capital of Colombia, especially the Salt Cathedral. However, Zipaquirá is a city that offers a large number of activities and attractions to visit.

If you are thinking of traveling to Zipaquirá, we share with you 9 aspects that you must take into account when you visit our beautiful city:

Zipaquira the old

Zipaquirá is one of the oldest cities in Colombia, despite the fact that its pre-Hispanic foundation was given in the year 1600 by the oidor Don Luis Henríquez, before the arrival of the conquerors, the Muiscas who belonged to the dominions settled in this territory. of the Zipa de Bacatá and was an important center of salt trade, the indigenous town was located 200 meters above the place where the city is today in the place called "Pueblo Viejo", in the same way, there are data of human presence since the year 13,000 B.C. who were located in the valley of "El Abra"


Weather is changeable

Zipaquirá is located in the Cundiboyacense plateau on the eastern mountain range, at an altitude of 2,650 meters above sea level. n. m. which generates in the city an average temperature between 12 ° C and 18 ° C.

In the city you will be able to experience the four seasons of the year on the same day due to its sudden climatic changes. It can dawn raining or very cloudy, in the mid-morning it can be super sunny, then it rains accompanied by an icy breeze that freezes you, a little more sun and at about six in the afternoon, when the day falls, you feel a terrible cold that accompanies at night To enjoy the town of salt without being affected by this phenomenon, it is advisable to go out with comfortable clothes such as t-shirts and warm clothes such as jackets, sweaters, coats or scarves and pack an umbrella that should never be missing.


Wear comfortable clothes

The historic and tourist center and the Parque de la Sal — where the salt cathedral is located — are located closer to the foot of the “Zipa” mountain, so it is normal for visitors to have to walk along sloping paths to to reach its places of interest, given these characteristics, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes when walking around the city.

Likewise, the tourist attractions of the city and the region integrate routes to visit them, for this reason we also recommend taking good hydration.


One day is not enough to fully enjoy Zipaquirá

Although the visit to the Salt Cathedral is the main reason to come to the city, it always takes a couple of extra days to fully explore the historical footprint of the Muisca culture, the colony and independence, as well as to explore the natural and cultural wealth of the territory, the passage and influence of some important characters in the country such as the musician Guillermo Quevedo Zornoza and the Nobel Prize winner for literature Gabriel García Márquez "Gabo" and enjoy the theme parks that are close to the urban center such as the Parque James Duke.

Friendly people, very warm

The warmth of the people contrasts with the climate of the city, they always strive to be good hosts, they try to make you feel at home and they will help you with whatever you need, if you are lost or need information, you can ask on the street and without hesitation You will find help in return and a smile. In our city it is very easy to establish a conversation, make friends and you will always feel accompanied.

People are not very familiar with English so they will thank you for communicating in Spanish, they also greatly value your effort and this gesture will make communication more familiar.


Baked overbelly, brined potato, Creole chicken, curd with molasses? You cannot miss the traditional dishes of the town of salt.

You cannot go through the city without trying the typical Zipaquireños dishes. In the first place we have the baked sobrebarriga, a soft cut that is seasoned with spices from the region and beer, and is always accompanied with potatoes in brine (that is, cooked in salt vigua), salad and a "pola" that is how the people of the region call the beer.

Likewise, a traditional dish on the tables of the Zipaquireños to share with family, friends and very common at the time of having a meal in the open air is the Creole chicken that is served with potatoes, yucca, banana, arepa, wrapped in cob. and stuffed neck

For dessert or to accompany the afternoon, you cannot miss a delicious cuajada – a kind of fresh cow cheese – with melao, which is a sweet sauce obtained by melting panela in water.



The enchanting sky of the Zipaquireño plateau

Looking at the Zipaquirá sky at sunrise, in the morning and at sunset will be like being in an open-air art gallery; The incredible thing is that every day you will find a different sky that will surely inspire you to take incredible photographs.

People are not very familiar with English so they will thank you Do not miss the color, shapes and depth that the sky of the town of salt gives you when looking towards the Zipa hill, the mountains that accompany it and the panoramic view that adorns the main and independence square. that you communicate in Spanish, they also greatly value your effort and this gesture will make communication more familiar.

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