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3 Ways to get to Zipaquirá from Bogotá, depending on the means of transport

Zipaquirá is located at a distance of 49 kilometers of Bogota d.c. with a travel time that can be between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the traffic that is present, and 117 kilometers of Tunja, with an approximate duration of 2 hour tour.

Getting to the villa of the salt from any place of the country is too easy due to the large amount of access roads and means of transport available to do so, then we want to introduce you the most common options among the travelers to reach the capital salt of Colombia.

  1. In Bus

Gallery of Luis Miguel Cuervo on flickr https://www.flickr.com/people/129515062@N04/

To come to Zipaquirá from Bogotá can be done in one of two ways if you are coming by bus:

1.1. From the Transport Terminal of the city of Bogotá:

The terminal is located in the Diagonal 23 No. 69 – 55 – Sector Salitre; go to module 3 (red) and take a bus inter-Municipal to the destination of Zipaquira. These buses have an output frequency of approximately every 45 minutes and a duration of tour 2 hours depending on the traffic.

1.2. From the Transmilenio System:

Take any service with destination to the North Portal (Eg. 8, B14, B74, B23 etc), places the module in the inter-municipal destination to Zipaquirá (Platform 2, South area, marked on the buses as “Zipa”), These buses run continuously, that is to say each 10-15 min and the duration of journey is 45 minutes away depending on traffic.

What is the duration of the journey between a Transmilenio station Portal Norte? The journey time will be subject to the station where you are, for example, the closest station to the el Dorado International Airport is the Portal el Dorado, the journey time between these two gates is about 1 hour.

The following link will lead you to the guide “My travel plan”, the complete guide to services of the system of Transmilenio: http://bit.ly/MiPlanDeViajeEnTransmi

Or if you prefer, you can download the App from Transmilenio to review your route: http://bit.ly/TransMiApp

Either from the terminal or from the North Portal, you should ask the assistant of travel of the driver to notify you where to get off to go towards the Centres of the Historic and the Salt Cathedral. The statement is more common to stay in the street stop 15, with 4, about this to is the train station where there's a PIT (Tourist Information Point), there a guide will give you the best directions and a map of the city with all its attractions.

2. Tourist train

Among the favorites by the visitors of Zipaquirá, is the trip on the tourist train of the savannah, old steam locomotives and diesel trains are allowed to have a special tour of the best scenery of the sabana de Bogota, whilst enjoying the cultural display inside their cars which are conditioned to have a trip comfortable and charming.

Image taken from the gallery of Daniel Castro on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/marshallmathers_dan/

The route starts at the Station of the Savannah, which is located on calle 13 with carrera 18 passing through Usaquén, La Caro, Cajicá and finally arriving at our Zipaquirá, a route that traverses one of the main railways in the country.

You can check the times and prices by visiting: http://www.turistren.com.co/

3. In a private car

Image taken from the gallery of Luis Miguel Cuervo on flickr https://www.flickr.com/people/129515062@N04/

If you come in your car, you can take the following routes depending on your place of origin:


3.1.) From Bogota, head to the Highway North through the Portal North of Transmilenio, follow the highway past the toll of the Andes and the centro comercial Centro Chia, then take the variant of Cajicá, where when you exit you'll find the campus of the University Military Nueva Granada, follow this road and eventually you will reach Zipaquirá.

To help you, then you share the route on Waze (choose 3 path): http://bit.ly/RutaBOG-ZIPAwaze or in Google Maps: http://bit.ly/RutaBOG-ZIPA


3.2.) If you come by the path of the sun or by Honda from Medellin, you will have to get the Vega to follow the motorway La Vega, Bogotá, moving the Top of the Wine you will need to go towards the toll of Siberia, to 4 kilometers away you will find the roundabout of Siberia where you will take the route towards Elevation, by this route you'll head to Chia, where you'll have to get by the variant, there you will pass by Andres Carne de Res and the fish Jaramillo before turning to catch the Avenida Pradilla that will take you to Centro Chia to take the motorway towards Cajicá. Take the variant of Cajicá, passes by the campus of the University Military Nueva Granada and follow this pathway to get to Zipaquirá.

To help you, then you share the route on Waze (choose 3 path): http://bit.ly/2RutaVEG-ZIPwaze or in Google Maps: http://bit.ly/RutaVEG-ZIPAmaps


3.3.) If you come from Santander or Boyacá, you can get to Briceño and take the path that leads to the entrance of the parque Jaime Duque, from this point, you have to follow this path that goes through the factory of Bogota Beer Company, the entry to the theme park Finkana, malterias of Bavaria, and the Club Campestre la Sabana, after the Club at 3 kilometres, you will find a roundabout where your signage will indicate you the way to the historical center of the city.

To help you, then you share the route on Waze (choose 2 paths): http://bit.ly/RutaBRIC-ZIPAwaze or in Google Maps: http://bit.ly/RutaBRIC-ZIPAmaps

We hope this information is helpful in planning your trip, if you have more questions please contact us or make your reservation through http://bit.ly/prereservasHCR we will be attentive

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