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Spa (in partnership with Ixu Spa)



* Complimentary only for guests of the hotel.

Worried about being the best hosts and the physical and mental welfare of each of our guests, we present the service of spa in partnership with IXU SPA, a renowned Spa, local focused on raising the levels of harmony, health and beauty with each of its services.

For you to let yourself be won over by the romance, tranquility and mystique of our houses, and the professionalism and hospitality of this work team, we offer the following massages and treatments:

Therapy Relaxing

Duration: 60 minutes

A massage session truly restorative, which leads to relaxation and balance of body systems through the use of different techniques such as: lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, digit puncture and the use of volcanic stones applied to specific points of the body to achieve muscle relaxation, relief of tension and combat stress.

Therapy for pain

Duration: 60 minutes

By a pleasant massage with specific techniques, the goal of this treatment is to minimise the pain caused by counteract, stress and bad posture, and help you to feel much better.

Sports massage

Duration: 60 minutes

A deep tissue massage and comforting to relieve muscle fatigue. You can relax the muscles of the body that tend to contract after the practice of physical activities. This massage helps improve the blood circulation, oxygenating the tissues and restoring mobility of the joints.

Facial cleaning

Duration: 60 minutes

This rejuvenating treatment is designed to restore the skin of the face by restoring their elasticity and reducing the signs of aging. After a deep cleansing and a mask that is detoxifying, you will enjoy a soothing facial massage.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 8: to.m. – 8:00 p. m. (8 – 20 hrs.)

Sunday: 8: to.m. – 12:00 noon

Ask us about the conditions for scheduling your session.

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